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Our mission

...as healthy as possible... The mission of the National Institute for Health Development (NIHD) is to increase healthy life years to the average life expectancy at birth and to contribute to the improvement of the health status of the population. Our values are health - defined as general well-being - humanity, tolerance and partnership.
The mission of the NIHD is to influence the health behaviour of the population and to provide health related information on the field of public health. Our goal is to help members of our society achieve their optimal well-being. Building on national and international scientific knowledge, we also take into consideration social values based on inclusion, humanistic principles, and principles of equity.  


The general activity of the NIHD is to provide decision makers with scientific information from a public health perspective in order to foster the full implementation of the „National Programme for the Decade of Health”. This is particularly crucial in the preparatory phase of decisions. We also provide methodological and technical support to community-building programmes promoting general well-being.


We develop model programmes in accordance with our mission and our general activities, by adopting, analysing and distributing information about international and domestic programmes. We foster policy support through widespread communication reflecting professional values, trainings, publications and horizontal professional relations.

For whom?
The main target audience of NIHD are public health politicians as well as those institutions and civic associations, whose activities aim at supporting the health of different population groups and at the development of local communities. Special attention is paid to vulnerable and deprived populations, as well as to groups with weaker lobbying abilities, or which are potentially threatened by social exclusion.
Our secondary target audience consists of respective political players preparing decision mechanisms. Our secondary targets also focus on addressing the cultural and social environment of the primary target audience. Our publications address specialized professionals and the whole population alike.

With whom?
In accordance with the multi-disciplinary character of health promotion, the NIHD team employs psychologists, sociologists, lawyers, journalists, medical specialists, dieticians, health promotion specialists, teachers, mathematicians, philosophers, economists, health visitors, midwifes, and social politician. We furthermore cooperate with dozens of professional institutes, state institutes, for-profit companies and NGOs.

The NIHD is present on all different levels and sectors, depending on the characteristics of the given setting. Our work ranges from providing information to those involved in decision-making processes to services aimed at the population.