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Dear Reader,
Welcome to the homepage of the National Institute for Health Development (NIHD). The NIHD is a government based agency that plans, coordinates, monitors and evaluates public health and health promotion at national level. The NIHD works with partial independence under the direct supervision of the National Medical Officer and it cooperates closely with the county organizations of the National Public Health and Medical Officer's Service.

The Hungarian health education network was established in 1926 based on the 50000/1926 Decree of the Minister of Public Welfare and Labor. During the last 80 years names, organizational structure, working methods and scientific paradigm of the Institute changed and improved significantly though, the fundamental objectives of contributing to the prosperity of a healthier remained.

In accordance with the aims of the National Public Health Programme, the global objectives of the NIHD in the Hungarian health system are to improve the health of the Hungarian population, to develop disease prevention and to promote healthy lifestyles. The NIHD performs its tasks of technical development, methodology, research of health development, with special emphasise on tackling inequalities in health.

For the successful realization of its mission, the NIHD supports the work of other governmental and non-governmental institutions working in health promotion through technical guidelines for education, quality assurance, background studies and impact assessments. More information about health promotion and public health in Hungary